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A 6 foot, 330lbs robot, built to save us… uh huh… why don’t I believe that

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robotOk, maybe its just me, and the fact I have watched to many movies and TV shows where creating a robot, in some way or another, ends in our destruction.

I came across this post on Reddit Yesterday which links to an article on Wired entitled “This 6-Foot, 330-Pound Robot May One Day Save Your Life“. My brain automatically started referring to BattleStar Galactica, mainly for the fact I am only now watching the series (10 years too late, I know).  Then the though of movies like Terminator, i Robot, and The Matrix (Thx to robotsongs for bringing up it up as I forgot to mention it).…

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How long will the internet, as we know it, last?

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The question in the title is posed based on a few articles I have recent read on the web. The first was an article about a US ISP looking to charge websites if they want their content carried over the network, much like Cable TV.

An article on InfoWorld.com states that Verizon is trying to turn the web into pay-per-view. They are currently in court fighting to end the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) policy of Net neutrality. If they win, it would allow them to selectively block or slow traffic to certain sites and protocols. It would also mean that companies like Verizon could charge sites like YouTube and Netflix a premium to have their packets travel over their network unrestricted, which could in turn raise prices for sites that are already membership driven (Netflix) and sites that are currently free may have to charge the viewer to subsidize the cost (YouTube).…

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Google now taking walk throughs of Historic Buildings and Businesses

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Google Maps is a huge resource these days for those looking for directions. In the last few years they have traveled the streets giving you the ability to “Be there” visually instead of just looking ta map. Recently Google has taken on a new challenge, bring you into local businesses and Historical Buildings.

One of the buildings Google has taken on is the Atwater Library and Computer Centre where you can now find a pic of Yours Truly (see picture below).

Some other cool places they have been in are Kappo Nagi in Kyoto, Japan, Chataigner Yves in Paris, France, and even Restaurant Chez Queux here in Montreal, QC.…

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