Taken from The Verge
Late last year I posted an article about a 6ft, 330lbs robot that was built to save us.  It was to partake in the DARPA  trials in December, along with several other robots.  The article, based off of some info I found on Reddit, covered my views of how easily the DARPA Trials could be a front for more sinister means.  The trials would include several tasks for the robots to complete including navigating deteriorated landscapes, entering buildings, and driving vehicles.  This was to simulate situations that a robot may encounter during a rescue mission.  However, once you add a gun into the situation, the robot could be come combat ready, where these tasks would also come in handy.

The Verge, another site I frequent quite often has written an article covering the same views I have, about how the robots could be used for Military Application, something that is not explicitly denied in the video.

To read the article and watch the video – Visit The Verge: Should a robot decided when to kill?