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Texting/Emailing on a Public Payphone… What?

Matthew 3 Comments

Phone with full keyboardThis is new to me… Since when can you text, nay, email… from a public phone.  I am not kidding.  Leaving work today I wanted to head to Alexis Neon to grab a few groceries before heading home…  Seeing as it is winder outside I wanted to stick to the tunnels as much as possible.  While waiting for the metro at Square-Victoria, I happened to notice a keypad embedded into the front side of the phone… Not just the 0-9 * # keypad… a full-blown alpha numeric keypad (see photo).  So i decided to take a close look.  The top instructions are in french (Duh, I live in Montreal, 90% of instructions have French Only), and looks like it had some graffiti sticker attached to it previously, so a lot of the instructions are blocked… but it leaves just enough to decider at least some part of the instructions:


  1. Dial **01 , deposit 10¢ to send 1 (text) message, or
    Dial **05, deposit 25¢ to send 5 (text) messages
    Dial **02, deposit 10¢ to send 1 email
  2. Enter the 10 digit receiving phone number (or email) using the numeric keypad (obviously using the full keyboard for the email)
  3. Press *9 on the numeric keypad and type your message (rest is blocked by paper residue from possible graffiti sticker)
  4. Press *9 using the numeric keypad to send your message
  5. Wait for sent confirmation then hang up to terminate.
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