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Windows 7, The last of a great Windows Series….

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As the title suggest, Windows has gone off the deep end, well at its core anyway.

Today I installed a test run of Windows 8 Pro in a virtual environment just to see what the OS had to offer… within the first 5 minutes I was pulling out my hair and screaming for Windows 7.

When you first install Windows 8, you are presented with, well, as their commercial theme song would suggest, “Everything At Once” which to some, like myself, is considered information overload. When I first saw the Windows 8 Menu, I had no idea what I was doing.…

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Blackberry test

Just wanted to do a quick test from my Torch, last time I tried this it failed. I am on the road a lot and like the fact I can post from my mobile devices. When I set up the server though I had doped up the security in hopes of protecting it better, in doing so it killed my posting ability. Hopefully all the configurations since have corrected the issue.…

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