The last month has seen quite a few controversies here in Quebec. However this didn’t start a few weeks ago, I believe what is happening now started 2 years ago when Pauline Marois took office with a vision to solidify Quebec into her own vision of sovereignty. It started when she put a lot more funding into the Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF), which resulted in “Pastagate” where someone complained that the word Pasta was not a French word and that it should be replaced with pâtes.



Well, its my 364th day on “The Island”, and for those who have never read my blog, or even know who I am, it means I have spent 364 days living outside my native Ontario, on Montreal Island Quebec. That’s right 1 day short of a year. On January 2nd, 2012, I left my brothers apartment in Cornwall Ontario and made the huge leap to move myself to a whole new city and province. The very odd thing is, is how this all came about…

Ghost in the machines

Finally having a job in my field is not without its challenges. I came across a situation I cannot explain, let alone understand. Mid morning yesterday one of my colleagues informed me that the 2 computer systems at the circulation desk had, for what ever reason, dropped off the internet. As we had work being done in the area the night before my first thought was that they got disconnected, but on second thought that could not be a solution; for one, it’s too easy, and second, the systems still had access to the PDC (Primary Domain Controller) which allows the users to log in.