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Quebec in termoil as the Provincial Elections rapidly approach.

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The last month has seen quite a few controversies here in Quebec. However this didn’t start a few weeks ago, I believe what is happening now started 2 years ago when Pauline Marois took office with a vision to solidify Quebec into her own vision of sovereignty. It started when she put a lot more funding into the Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF), which resulted in “Pastagate” where someone complained that the word Pasta was not a French word and that it should be replaced with pâtes.

The approach Marois was taking to strengthen Quebec’s language laws resulted in several cases like Pastagate which went against the actual charter.…

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I want this for my Home Office – The Emperor

Several years ago I came across the coolest office setup on Engadget.com but when I wanted to make a post about it lost year, I couldn;t seem to find it on their site.  Today I found it again on HiConsumption.com.

The Emperor is probably one of the most awesome setups I have seen for a computer desk/chair/build.  It comes in 2 different modles, and get this, its Canadian.  Their head office in Quebec, QC, qhich is about a 2 hour drive from my home in Montreal.  If I ever get a home office again, this would be the rig I would go with, if I could afford it the 200 series model.…

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