A little over 2 weeks ago we broke the 1 million total case marker, now we are just over the 2.5 million mark.  Things have escalated quickly, with the United States accounting for 1/3 of the known cases world wide.  A scary thought.  But the word on the street is, it’s slowing down. Although some of us are still in areas that have just reached their peak, or getting close to it, as a whole, its starting to slow down.  But do not get your hopes up that we will be sitting poolside sipping margaritas just yet, although some governments are looking at lifting some of the bans put in place as early as next month, the World Health Organization is warning against moving too quickly.

However, I am not sure how much pull the WHO has any more, and why people aren’t willing to listen to them, despite them being correct in needing to wait.  One reason is the economy, it has suffered a lot and many governments want to avoid any more damage to it.  However there is another issue that is being looked at: the possibility of corruption within the WHO.  I mean it is no secret (anymore) that the WHO was warned, in the early months of the out break, that the virus was able to be transmitted human to human, and that China was lying.  And there are rumors that The WHO is in bed with China, and because China believes Taiwan is a state of China, The WHO failed to heed their warnings. And last month, a video surfaced of a senior WHO official dodging any questions to do with Taiwan, and their membership.

Now the WHO did release a statement stating that the question of Taiwan”s membership in the organization was up to member states, and not WHO staff. However this does not warrant not making a comment and dodging the questions in a very poor manor.

But on top of early stages being botched by the WHO… Trump did not help in the matter much either according to an article in the Washington Post

And now, according to several sources, The WHO, the CDC, NIH, World Bank, Wuhan Biolab and Bill Gates Foundation all got hacked by Anonymous (1, 2, 3).  Now all that has been posted so far are usernames and passwords, however I am sure a lot more will surface over the upcoming weeks in regards to this as I doubt their only target were credentials.

This also brings up another important bit of information I have been hearing a lot of, the possibility that the Wuhan Biolab might just be the point of origin.  Earlier today an article was posted in the DailyMail about how the lab was coronavirus experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated, with grant money from the us of course.

So although the Coronovirus outbreak may finally be getting under control, the fall out and investigations into how this all happened will take much longer to recover from.

Please stay safe, stay healthy, and see you when things can go back to being considered normal.