Over the past many years, I have brought up one of my favorite artists, who also happens to be local to my Home Town. I am of course talking about Danielle Allard, who is preparing for her 3rd CD release, which I am sure will be as successful, if not more than her previous releases. Looking forward to the Release Party.

However this article is not about her, it’s about another favorite artist I came across years ago that has been making headway. I only make note of this, because I recently saw a YouTube video from an episode of America has Talent, which blew me away.
The artist is Lindsey Sterling, however when I first saw her YouTube video for Crystalize several years back, she went by Lindsey Stomp.

What blew me away about the America has Talent show, was that the told her she needed something more to succeed, that she need to join a group with a singer etc., just to make it.

Now, having not seen this till now, I have seen Lindsey’s career advance, not only through original songs, but though collaborations with other artists on YouTube, as well as creating amazing covers (which also include collaborations). The thought that she needed something more to succeed never crossed my mind, as every song I saw, and even the live performances, were absolutely amazing. Not only does she play the violin, but she plays it while bouncing around the stage, which is a talent all its own, to be able to play while rapidly moving and hoping in the air, something Piers Morgan gave her a bit of flak for at the end of her routine.

She of course has since proved Piers wrong, and that she is a world class violin player who can move and bounce and play without missing a beat.

Below are a few of my favourite videos from Lindsey Sterling: