Ok, for those of you who can’t put it together, a MegaFan is a An obsessively enthusiastic fan. And I just realized (well ok, I knew all along) that I am one.

As you all should know, especially since I just posted about it a few days ago, my good friend Danielle Allard is about to release her second CD, Chameleon, on May 9th at the Bourbon Room (get your tickets here).  And I know I have mentioned it several times that I have been following Dani’s career for quite some time.  I would say AT LEAST 8 years.  And I have proof!… I came across some of my old tapings of FFTT (Far from the Trees) from 2007.  This is when I was first introduced to Dani’s talent and the tallest of the rest of the band (Jess, Chris, and Kevin).  I fell so much in love with the sound of their music I offered up my services as web master, and started to record their shows… Here are some of those recording….

Now of course I am still involved with Dani where I can… When I met back up with her when she became part of the duo (which then became a trio) Go Long! I once again offered my services as a web master. However life got busy, and I was no longer available, and of course moving to Montreal didn’t help either. But I still follow her career, and am proud to call my self a Megafan.

Danielle now has her own site, DanielleAllard.com, and is putting out her first Solo Album Chameleon.  She is an awesome artist, and has made it a long way since I met her with Far From the Trees.