Well summer is on its way, a few more weeks and the trees will start buddy and the green colour will return to the grass and trees.  That can only mean one thing, time to dust off the camera and go (photo)shooting.  But I am not going to wait till Summer.  Tomorrow morning (as I am now on Nights) I will be heading to Old Montreal to watch the sun rise and take a few snaps of early morning life here in Montreal.

Its been a while, so I have to go and buy some batteries.  I don’t yet have my DSLR camera yet, so sadly I am stuck with my Quick Cam, but it has got some good resolution.  I will also be taking some pics with my phone and uploading them to my Instagram account. Something I haven’t done in a fairly long time.  For those who wish to follow me else where, my photos are pushed from Instagram to Tumblr, Flickr, Twitter, and FourSquare.