I am sure we all dream of it, winning the Lotto.  I mean with the LottoMax sitting at $50 million pretty consistently these days, why wouldn’t you dream.  Will it ever happen? Probably not.  I tend to live by the following philosophy: You have 1 in a 1,000,000 chance of winning the lottery, but you have close to 100% chance of losing your $5.  The odds are forever NOT in your favour.

But what if it did happen?  What if money was no longer an issue.  Would your life change?  Would you live in a small nondescript house or would you live in a huge mansion?  What kinda car would you drive?  Your regular Honda Civic sedan, or a “Lambo”?

Personally I like to think big but act small.  I would get myself a nice little condo with 2 to 3 bedrooms, a nice kitchen, nothing outlandish.  A nice car, maybe a Mini.  But boy do i dream of much bigger.

Earlier today I found a post which showed a nice $18 million penthouse located in a clock tower in New York. Talk about an awesome location, to be high above the streets and being able to look out the clock face and see the city.

I decided to take a look at some of the other posts on the site, to see what other places they had for sale that might be a little outlandish.  If you think $18 million for a clock tower penthouse is a bit much… how about $114 million for a house near Fifth & Madison? Now that is a bit more than you could make in a Canadian Lottery, maybe if you won the PowerBall…

So it donned on me… New York is a bit far, I’m a Canadian living in Montreal… so lets take a look at whats available near here… the first house i came across was in the West End of the Island, actually, just off the island on L’île-Bizard.  Its a $14.9 million home that looks absolutely amazing. It has 9 bedrooms, 9 baths, 5 Half baths, an indoor pool, right on the water.  Huge piece of property.

So maybe thats a bit too big… maybe a little smaller would be nice.  I like the L’île-Bizard though… Here is a slightly smaller (6 bedroom) house for close to a 1/3 the price ($5 million). Now I don’t think it is on the water, but its got some nice features.  Its got a nice backyard pool, beautiful interior, and its only 2 years old.

Talk about a day dream in a half… I have run out of time for this post, I will hopefully post more later, there are so many beautiful homes out there… These are the big ones, I will be posting some little ones too.  For now its time to stop day dreaming and get back to work.