I couldn’t believe it.  Yesterday I was setting up my phone to play a few streams to help me sleep.  I use the GrooveShark’s mobile site as there is so much archived on this site its mind-boggling. Now in the mists of setting it up I went into the menu and saw that GrooveShark now has an android app, so I downloaded it thinking it would be easier to browse and look up songs.  However once downloaded, it forced me to create an account (You can use the mobile site without having to sign in) and when I went to stream my usual meditation lists, it tells me it’s for subscribers only at $9 a month. And only the Radio feature is free… which doesn’t appease me at all as you can’t search them, and I have a very particular taste in music that I can fall asleep to.  Now on the mobile site, I can search and play any music I like, not just the radio, free, without an account.

I don’t get it…  There is nothing special about the android app, no special feature that I cannot get off the mobile site for free.  So why bother having an app that you are forced to pay for these features?  I am so disappointed in sites like this, I mean what are they thinking?

Screen Shots

Screenshot_2014-04-16-10-51-18 Screenshot_2014-04-16-10-52-04 Screenshot_2014-04-16-10-52-33