It has been quite a long time since I submitted a report, the last one being Day 364, December 31, 2012…  So I believe its long overdue.

It is now day 817 on “The Island”,  almost 117 weeks… just over 2 years… A long time for an Ontarian to be out of his natural habitat.

The natives here are restless, there seems to be two factions fighting against each other; the rebels and the separatists.  Sorry for the poor use of a Star Wars reference, but you have to admit, it fits perfectly to the situation.  Us Anglos versus the French, although to say they are French is to insult the true French, instead I will use the term they prefer to call themselves: The Québécois.

Now I cannot say it is just the Anglos fighting for liberation but other Québécois who do not share the values of the current controller. Those who disagree with her ways have gone against there own in an attempt to unbalance the current power in an attempt to keep peace with the father country.  Such a task though is not an easy one.  Those in control have used lies and rumors to try to persuade the masses to choose them, denying those who should have a right to decide, only because they are Anglos and do not fit their ideals. The whole notion is reminiscent of an age-old war criminal, who persecuted others based on religion, except this time round, it’s not only one’s faith that is pulled into question, but one’s mother tongue as well.

The Language Wars are not new to this sector, they have fought for years as the Québécois try to convince the masses that their heritage is at risk of being diluted… at one time maybe, but it was recently found that this sector was now over 75% Québécois, meaning they are no more at risk than the bunnies in Australia.  Yet the father country still bends over backwards to appease them.

The Language Wars have gotten worse though, ever since the current controller gained her power a little under two years ago.  She seems to ignite the ill placed passions of the Québécois, feeding them half-truths and promises of a sovereign nation.  This has happened a few times before, she is not the first to rile up the separatists… but her predecessors failed.  However this time feels different, her message seems stronger, and the separatist seem to believe in the idea more and more.  It has gotten to the point where Anglos are no longer safe to walk the streets in Separatist controlled areas.  Just north of “The Island” and Anglo was beaten after ordering his rations in his mother tongue. No us Anglos are not safe at all anymore.

In nine days time, the balance of power could shift, sadly in either direction.  If the separatists gain a majority power, they may succeed this time.  Destroying a nation and going against international treaties with their new charter of values, forbidding anyone who is not Québécois from practicing their faith.  If they succeed, I fear us Anglos will be exiled.

I moved to “The Island” as I saw an opportunity to make a life here, along with other Anglos who get a long well with the natives, however this can all change in just over a week.  If the separatist gain the upper hand, I will have to once again search for another place to call home, after finally finding a place I liked, to be exiled if a form of defeat, on a personal level.

Only time will tell.