Well, its pretty much summer now, and in less than 20 days it will officially be summer (June 21st, Summer solstice). Now one thing I love about summer, and I miss doing as I have not done it in years, is camping. When I was younger my family and I would travel across Canada camping along the way as we traveled to Edmonton to visit my grandparents and aunts. One time I remember us getting stuck in a windstorm, so strong it almost took our tent, with us in it. Thankfully there was a cement building which housed the washrooms, we ducked in there for a few hours till the storm passed. Another incident, where it was just my father and I left mom in Edmonton and went to Drumheller in the “Badlands” and getting stuck in a horrific hail storm. Wow, now that I think of it, almost every trip had some sort of freak storm.

So what am I getting at? I am getting at the method of camping, in the two instances above, we were using tents, which by all means are not always the most comfortable way to travel, let alone not always easy to set up/take down. Later on in years we bought a tent trailer which was definitely more comfortable, but again not so easy on the set up/take down.

There is an alternative, although the size of vehicle does matter, in other words, you would need a van. Take a look at the VanEssa Mobilecamping rig, and the Ququq Camping Box which both seem to come out of Germany. Now personally I like the VanEssa rig better, not just because it shares the name of my youngest Niece, but because it looks more stable and has some built-in features that the Ququq doesn’t have (like the build in water pump and cooler storage), however both units are quite unique and do the job just fine. They set up faster than a tent/tent trailer, and are more than likely cheaper than any kind of camping trailer. Here are the vids:

VanEssa Mobilecamping

Ququq CampingBox