Normally I would not have time to post from work, however one of the Computer Center’s (of which I am the manager of) volunteers called out today so I need to be at the help desk away from my office. Got a lot of work done today and hope to make an impact while I am here. I have met most of the staff (of which there is very few) and I think I will fit in wonderfully.

At first I was really overwhelmed, I mean a 5 hours crash course can only prep you for so much, but I have been assured by the others that I am not expected to remember everything I was told. But I seem to have a good handle on things.

This being my first week, a lot of the time it will be me observing the on goings of day-to-day activities, but by next week I should known enough to go it alone.

Currently sitting at the Volunteer Desk, I am brought back to my college years where I was a lab monitor, doing the exact same thing, which I have now come to the realization I have come full circle in 8 years. Thankfully its only for a few hours, I have to find out which volunteers are reliable and willing to work extra shifts so that next time a volunteer calls in sick, I can coll in a replacement other than myself.

After being on The Island for over 10 months, I would say I have successfully gotten my feet back on the ground, now its time to start running, however I have to learn to crawl and walk first, still a slow process but at least its a step in the right direction.