Well I am on my way to train for my new position as a Computer Center Manager And Network/System administrator at the Atwater Library and Computer Center. I didn’t get much sleep last night, prolly Cruz of nerves and excitement of the new job and the new responsibilities I will be undertaking.

Its been a while since I have been a system admin for someone other than family. As many know I spent 7 years being a system admin for Koster Interactive Design inc., my late father’s company. I have also spent the last 2years being
the system admin for IceWeb Solutions Inc., my brother’s company. So its not like I am going in unprepared, its just that for the first time since college I will be in charge of a whole network and not just a server.

But I am up for the challenges that await me at my new position and while hopefully prepare me for further expansion in my field.

I will post more once training is over. For now I will the rest of my ride on public transportation. Next stop, the Metro which will take me to the doorstep of the Library.