Hola! Watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world! FREE!

After being a Netflix subscriber for a month and a bit now, I am very disappointed at how limited our selection is here in Canada, half the good movies are unavailable.

I have heard of other people using proxies and VPNs to fool the servers into thinking you have a States-Side IP address, but these in my experience can be limited. The ones I have found are either really slow, have low bandwidth, or cost quite a bit to have speed and bandwidth.

During my most recent search I happened across a site called Hola (Spanish for Hello?) which adds a plugin to Chrome or Firefox or you can directly install their app on Windows, Mac OS, and Android (sorry Blackberry Users, your left out, again).…

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Compared to OC-Transpo, I prefer STM. However its not without its blunders…

The Société de Transports de Montréal (STM) has been a great refreshment compared to OC Transpo back in Ottawa, the buses here just seem to flow better. And without the stretch buses, there are less jackknives in the winter, but as with any vehicle, the buses still get stuck in the snow (as I found out last snow fall, had to walk 45 minutes from Lachine to Dorval).

The only thing I cannot compare to OC Transpo is the Montreal Metro System. Now some could argue I could compare the Metro to the O-Train, which is similar but quite different.…

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Easy Netflix on Linux, well Ubuntu based flavours anyway.

Matthew 2 Comments

Well this has plagued me for years, trying to run Netflix on Linux. The root cause for Netflix not working on Linux is Microsoft Silverlight, the viewer Netflix uses to stream the movies (Its a plugin like Flash). Now Linux DOES have an open source equivalent called Moonlight, however it does not have DRM (Digital Rights Management) support which Netflix requires to run.

I search about 2 years ago or so for a solution and came up with NOTHING at all on how to accomplish this. Between then and now I am sure a few tutorials of how to hack it using Wine have appeared, but dealing with Wine and getting things to work right can be a bit tricky, and definitely not for everyone.…

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Losing my bearings, or maybe just my mind…

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Took the “Orange” Line for the first time this morning… I can’t believe I lost my bearings…. Every Morning for the last 3 months I have always taken the “Green” Line from Lionel-Groulx Metro Station, which I take one stop to get to off at the Atwater station. This Morning however, I stopped by the Couch-Tard (Mac’s Milk for you Ontarians) to grab a pack of smokes and a few drinks for work… I saw the metro arrive and quickly hopped on without thinking.

Something didn’t seem right, the seats were wrong, they were black instead of blue, the side walls were orange instead of grey… I had my headphones on so I didn’t hear the next stop announcement so it didn’t really all click in till I arrived at the Georges-Vanier Metro Station.…

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New Project This Summer – Exploring the Montreal Metro

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Well now that my life is getting somewhat back in order, I have decided to take on a personal project this summer. Being from Ottawa, Ontario, the Montreal Metro system is somewhat of a marvel to me, having miles and miles of underground tunnels, linked in with something they call the RESO, which is the underground city of Montreal which connects several malls, office buildings and apartment buildings in the downtown core.

After living in Montreal for over a year now I take the Metro on a daily basis, but I only go one stop. Not much in the way of exploration.…

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