Well this weekend has been a hell of a downer for me. On Friday I opened the store at 8:30 so my boss/good friend could sleep in, having going out the night before for one of his friends birthdays. He called me that morning on my cell to ask me if opening went okay, and as I was up front putting out the papers, everything was fine. After the call I put down the phone on the desk nearest the door and finished putting out the papers.

The Stylish Music of Go Long (!)

I just realized after reading Go Long (!)’s press Release that my blog is listed in the “Press” section. Sadly, the post I created entitled “Go Long (!) an Awesome Local Band” which was posted in November of 2011 no longer exists. So I am gonna write another article on them for the simple fact that they are an Awesome local band (To Ottawa) and their music is becoming more and more popular.

If you have no idea who Go Long (!) is, I suggest you check out their site: GoLong.info.


Mid Monday Post0

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Well I hope you all had a Great Canada Day, Its Monday the 2nd and most stores, like the one I work at, are closed, but here I am at work, programming and working as usual. But I decided since it is a Monday, I would post a wicked Monday song by Watsky. If you don;t know who he is, take a look at his youtube Page.

This kid has some wicket talent, Here is the first video I saw of Watsky’s:


Wow what a day, woke up early and packed up my room, roommate picked me up at 10:30am and we moved our stuff in, well, what we have, which is pretty much our clothing and hygiene products (toiletries). The furniture will come in next weekend, so till then all I have a folded up futon mattress to sleep on (my back is already in pain just thinking about it).

Tried out the pool. Over chlorinated is an understatement, and now I know what they meant by “unheated”. Despite the sting in the eyes it was a nice refreshing swim on a hot day. As long as I don’t submerge my head its not too bad really.


Just wanted to do a quick test from my Torch, last time I tried this it failed. I am on the road a lot and like the fact I can post from my mobile devices. When I set up the server though I had doped up the security in hopes of protecting it better, in doing so it killed my posting ability. Hopefully all the configurations since have corrected the issue.

Videos No Longer Available
This happens with old posts… the videos no longer seem to be avaialble.
This has to be the freakiest thing. 2 major Jeopardy Champions cannot match IBM’s Watson…

Episode 1 Part 1

Episode 1 Part 2

Episode 2

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