Ok, so I figured I would make a mega post with a few new and exciting things that are going on. First we here at have started using’s JetPack which allows us to seamlessly connect to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr without having to create applications and set up complex configurations. This of course being the first post after installing the tool as we shall see how well it works on all fronts.


Well its that time of year for us Canadians to spend time with our families. I myself have taken the 2 hour trip to Ottawa to spend the holidays with my Mom and to see some friends I have not seen in ages. This is my second trip to O-Town in the last month as last week was the CD Release for my fav local band Go Long (!), but as I was only up for the night I didn’t have time to see everyone I would have liked to, so this weekend I am spending time with as many people as I can schedule, then back off to Montreal I go till prolly Xmas.


Considered Normal? has finally got its own app. 2 actually. The first one (downloaded by scanning the QR Code to the left) was created with Conduit’s Mobile App builder and by far looks the best of all wysiwyg (read “what you see is what you get”) creators out there. Its makes versions available for iOS (iPhones), Android, and Windows Mobile. However the downside to the app is the free account only allows 25 installs, which is very limited. The interface for the app builder is very robust offering several plugins and options, the one I used was the RSS feed reader which allows me to stream my blog tot he app along with push notifications.

Go Long (!) CD Release.

I have the extreme pleasure of writing this blog post directly from the CD Release Party for Go Long (!).  Its been an amazing journey for the band to come this far in so short of time. In one interview they stated they were not really planning on doing a release just yet, but the demand from their fans drove them to do think twice about waiting.

I personally have been following Dani’s career for quite a few years now and I feel extremely honored to have the privilege watching these up and coming musicians come so far.


Well I have been tempted to root my phone for a while and i found a cool application that allows you to video capture your screen, so i wanted to test it out, in order to do that you need to root your phone as the app uses some background process that require you to be root (those of you who know the Linux world, you know what root is, if you don;t root is a Super User, we call it a God account because you can do anything and everything to the OS with root access). Unfortunately, the app for the screen capture doesn’t work on the Galaxy Nexus due to buffering protection at a hardware level. So rooting my phone was kinda pointless. And in the process of rooting and unlocking the bootloader you lose everything (if you backed up your contacts with your google account your good to go contacts wise). Luckily I backed up all my apps to my PC using Mobile Go (pc app download) (androind app download), which allowed me to back up all contacts (to xml files) and all sms’s (to xml file) so I could import them back in (Note: when you import the text messages back in the time stamp resets to the time of import), as well as all my apps (remember where you saved them so that you can re-import them later. The benefit to this is its easier to install apps in bulk from the PC then to do an ota install of each one via the play store app.


A few days ago my phone updated, however I was sadly disappointed when it ended up being a minor update from 4.01 to 4.02 of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Well last night there was another update. This time it was the update I have been waiting for; finally my phone is running Android 4.1.1 Jellybean. Although I really did like the opening sequence for Ice Cream Sandwich (the loading screen was really colourful and animated), the new X loading screen just doesn’t do it for me, But I am already noticing the difference. Before when I would tilt my phone to the side to type it would lag a bit, so the lag corrections of Jellybean are living up to the hype. Haven’t really noticed any other differences as of yet but then again I just rebooted about 2 minutes ago.

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